One combined company with best-in-class technologies and service capabilities across systems Integration, Networks, Integrated Security, HVAC, Immersive Experiences and Supply chain management to build smarter, more secure and more sustainable environments.



A new collaborative, pro-social economy is emerging and the world is beginning to wake up to the fact that business, society and environment are interconnected. We see this as a unique opportunity to re-imagine the future more productive, more secure and more sustainable.

Our vision for Keiretsu is to contribute to and accelerate this inevitable paradigm shift by creating purposeful solutions like Systems Integration, Integrated Infrastructure & Efficient Energy Solutions, Next Generation networks, Immersive Experiences and Supply Chain Management that work seamlessly together to deliver on the promise of conscious and a collaborative world.

We have been leading the way in design, technology, and innovation since 2006. Explore our site to learn how our innovative solutions are driving the future of efficiency.


Technology Contracting

When you involve us as the technology contractor early in the concept through design-assist phases, we’re able to guide and manage the process. This brings an enterprise-wide perspective to the planning, design, installation, integration, and service of building, business/IT and specialty systems. The Technology Contracting model typically lowers first costs by 8-12% because you avoid duplication of infrastructure and systems. And in the long term, decreases operational and utility expenses by 10-15% because the technology is deployed intelligently.


Technology Giants